Body Image

Tri Delta is unique on our campus as we utilize our Body Image Chair and development program to build up our members and accept ourselves as we are! We focus on acceptance, self-compassion, and healthy habits to encourage each other and better develop our sisterhood. Body Image is not only about gaining confidence in our physical selves, but also includes having a wholesome attitude, being true to one’s self, and loving the woman that you are becoming. 


Our chapter is committed to motivating and elevating all of our members and their accomplishments, as well as promoting diverse bodies and backgrounds! The Body Image Chair works alongside the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion chair to ensure that all Tri Deltas feel valued. We are kind alike to all. 


Butler Tri Delta holds an annual Body Image Week to educate our members and other Greek chapters about body image and a holistic approach to health. Alongside an official BodyImage3D workshop, our chapter holds events such as yoga, capture the flag, mental health and nutrition seminars! Body Image Week events vary each year so our members are always learning new things and becoming more aware of ways to help our fellow sisters. Delta Lambda’s Body Image Week is continuously an amazing opportunity to bond with one another, creating lasting friendships with other Greek members, and to promote healthy habits. 


Keep up with Delta Lambda’s Body Image presence on campus by following our Body Image Instagram account, @bu_dddbodyimage!