Letter From the President

           Before my time at Butler, I was very unsure about whether or not I would join Greek life. I was not afraid of the women involved in these organizations, but rather I was afraid of losing my individuality; I was not willing to give into a culture of self-same people. This line of thought continued throughout my freshman year of college, despite my pangs of jealousy when I watched my best friends fall in love with their new sisters. Contrary to the stereotype I placed upon sororities, joining Tri Delta was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I became a member during the spring of my sophomore year through the continuous opening bidding, or COB, process (informal recruitment). Though I had an unconventional start to my Tri Delta experience, I was immediately immersed in the sisterhood that awaited me. Needless to say, I was welcomed with open arms.

           The Delta Lambda chapter at Butler University is spectacularly special. The purpose of a sorority is to challenge its members to become the best version of themselves. Tri Delta specifically encourages its members to live truthfully, to sacrifice oneself to the greater good, and to prioritize friendship. I have experienced each of these things since joining Butler’s chapter, as well as pure love and sisterhood. My favorite part about being a Tri Delta is the uniqueness of each individual member. No one Delta Lambda is the exact same, and that makes us so much stronger. I continually learn from these women and grow alongside them. I know that I have found women that cheer me on when things are going my way and build me up when everything around me is falling apart. I am in awe of the women I call my sisters; they inspire me everyday to reach for the stars.

           I am honored to serve as Collegiate Chapter President and humbled to know that my sisters trust me enough to elect me into this position. While I serve as president, I aim to inspire our members to be leaders on campus, positive contributors of society, and kind alike to all. I hope to lead with the same kindness I was given when I was a new member; I want to give back to the women who have already given, and will continue to give, so much to me.


Olivia Simcox (she/her/hers)
MC ‘22; Delta Lambda– Collegiate Chapter President